Sunday, January 24, 2010


My youngest is left-handed. At first, I just figured he was ambidextrous, but, no, he is left handed. He does everything with his left hand. He is unique in our family. And I don't know how to teach him how to hold a pencil. Now, anyone who has seen me write in real life knows that I do not hold my pencil correctly. As much as my parents and teachers tried to get me to hold a pencil correctly, I just reverted back to my way of holding a pencil. I can write very neatly. I can write pretty quickly. But I don't hold my pencil in the normal fashion. And neither does my oldest child, who is right-handed. Sam, the youngest, still holds his crayons in his fist. I was just trying to convince him to try to hold it right, but he is just not interested. I don't remember ever teaching the other kids. Does anyone know anything about teaching kids to hold pencils correctly? Or even at what age they are supposed to do this task?


The Calico Cat said...

Let me get back to you after we have walking & eating with utinsels (I know that is spelled incorrectly) figured out.

Kay said...

Call me a bad mom...I never even thought about this. My older son is left handed. I guess he learned on his own. I guess they both did :)