Saturday, November 03, 2007

The last pair of first shoes

I bought my last pair of first shoes today. I took Sam to Stride Rite and got him his first pair of shoes. And I didn't get the standard white baby shoes this time. I got him cool looking blue ones. I didn't think I would feel sentimental about this purchase, but I do. I still have each of my children's first pair of shoes. I have always planned to get them bronzed like my mom did with mine. So when Sam outgrows these, I'll have to find a place that does that. My mom has ours on display at her house. She also has her own bronzed first shoes.

It made me start thinking about everyone's first steps, too. Alex took his at the zoo. Ed took his in our family room at our old house. Amy took hers at the aquarium. Sam will be taking his in about a month or so. Maybe he will wait until Christmas so my parents and sisters can see him do it. My kids are all late walkers. But so was I. My first shoes are much bigger than my sisters' first shoes. My baby sister walked at exactly 10 months on my mom's birthday. I didn't walk until I was 15 months.


Jane Ann said...

I was thinking about Sam the other day, wondering what a big boy he must be by now. I was right. What a dolly baby.

Sweet story about the first shoes. Baby Campbell got his a couple of months ago. His mother likes the old-fashioned white leather high-tops too. The Stride-Rite lady fitted him and he stood frozen in place (he was already walking a bit), gazing at the shoes and sobbing, unable to move, holding out his arms to his mother. Finally she couldn't stand it and bought him the navy Velcro Buster Brown-type running shoes!

It's all about adaptability, isn't it?

Scrapmaker said...

This picture is just too cute! Jen

Rian said...

What a darling Sam is!

javamamma said...

Aw, what a momentous season. What a great collection all those first shoes will make. Cool idea!