Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Go Dog Go

When I was little, my dad was in graduate school. My mom finished grad school before I was born, but it really leaves you with a certain mentality. The mentality that you must cite EVERYTHING! So when my parents would read me books they would state the author's name along with the title. After all, they needed to cite who wrote the book. It is a tradition that has stuck with our family. So my kids know that Mary Pope Osborne writes The Magic Tree House books. When we were at Borders the other day to get a new book in the Boneville series, they knew that Jeff Smith was the author/illustrator.

Anyway, I was reading a post on a forum about children's books, and I knew immediately that Go Dog Go was by PD Eastman, not Dr. Seuss! (Do you like my hat? Yes, I LOVE that party hat. Goodbye. Goodbye.)

By the way, if you read this before tomorrow afternoon, please think good thoughts for my son Alex as he goes to call backs for Seussical, Jr. It is his first time trying out for anything like this, and I am so excited for him.


javamamma said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I never really put together that Dr. Seuss didn't write Go Dog Go. It's one of my favorite childhood books.

RevKory said...

Hey Julie! How did Alex do with is callbacks?