Saturday, September 01, 2007

How I spent the day...

I spent the day working on Nursing Mom. I layered and quilted it. One line from the Pamela Allen lecture that stuck in my mind was that she thought stipple quilting on an art quilt was a waste. I kind of thought the same thing, but, well, I have never tried anything else. So I decided to write words in the sky. It looks great, if I say so myself. (I would post a picture, but it is wet and lying flat to dry. It doesn't look so good wet.) Also, I decided to quilt in the nose, and I am happy with that. After quilting it, and rinsing out the basting spray, I worked on the ribbon flowers. I am happy with those, too. If I had more time, I would get more ribbon and make more flowers. I might do that after it gets back from Michigan next month. (Did I mention I am sending it to a show in Michigan so it needs to be done this weekend?)

I am not feeling well. There are different germs than I am used to in my school, and one of them got me. Actually, for the first two weeks, I was downing Airborne. I felt great. Then I ran out, and now I am sick. I am buying more at the grocery tomorrow. I think it really works.

Well, the little people are in bed. Daddy has the older kids at the movies. I am going to drink a rum and Coke and watch the US Open, or maybe the CNN Specials called, "God's Warriors" that I recorded a couple of weeks ago. My friend's husband produced one of them. I thought the one he did last year was incredible, so I am sure this one will be, too.

Any one in the Marietta, Georgia area, be sure to check out the Fiber Art Fusion show at "The Art Place" starting Thursday, September 6th, and going through the month of September. My tree will be hanging there, along with some other fabulous art pieces. I am going to take my parents next weekend when they are in town.


Kay said...

You amazing person! A new job, small children, a wonderful sounding art quilt. I can't wait to see a picture of it after the tantalizing comments! I do remember seeing a picture at an earlier stage.
Interesting comment about the stipple quilting. I would agree, I think.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your quilt! Good on ya for entering it in a show.

I am in the Airborne Really Works camp. Stuff's amazing.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Yup, waiting to see pictures as well! Been missing YOU too, but you probably feel the same way of late.

Novi is in my old stomping grounds, should be a good show..wish I could go, but AZ is a little far lol.

Get back to your multi-vitamins and lots of water, and dose up with your Airborne!