Sunday, September 10, 2006

What I've Been Thinking About

I just stitched down the binding to a quilt. I need to do the hand part over the next couple of evenings. Then it will be done. It is the second of my Pick 4 Challenge. I have decided to change the other two projects to two projects I had forgotten about. The tops are ready. They need to be quilted and bound and sent to their recipients. They are for a friend's twin daughters who are 4, I think. These tops were done right after they were born, so they are appropriately aged. Ok, enough of the quilty stuff...

I have been looking at my to do list for the week. I need to make some baby blankets for various friends and relatives. I buy a yard and a half of flannel and serge around them to make a 45 inch square receiving blanket. They are quick and easy and I used a 50% off coupon on the flannel, and everyone is getting the same blanket. I do know where the serger is, I just have to set it up. Once I get it threaded and the tension right, the blankets should take no time. Since the serger, like my sewing machine, is a hand me down from my mom, I have her copious notes to help me. This time is another of the many times I am glad to have a former college professor for a mom who still writes down everything.

I need to go shopping for a baby shower I am attending next weekend. I know what I am going to get, so it should be easy. And the baby store is right near JoAnn's. I am hoping they have big guys working at the baby store who will happily load my purchase into my SUV. I also need to pick up some stuff for myself at the baby store.

While I am up there (it is only about fifteen minutes away, but I don't get up there very often) I am going to stop in JoAnn's and use my new 50% off coupon for fabric to make NFL quilts for the boys for Christmas. Last year, I participated in a swap, so I have 2 10 inch squares of fabric from each NFL team. I am going to very simply put black squares in between them and then black for the backing. I need to calculate how much I need, but that should be easy enough. Also, I want to figure out what fusible fleece is because I have a number of bag patterns that call for it.

I have a number of things I need to mail. The post office is one of those dreaded places for me. Maybe I will use the UPS Store instead.

Of course, there are the normal soccer practices and things to get the kids to. And then Thursday night the middle school is having a seminar on how to talk to your kids about sex. I think that should be interesting. One of the benefits of being at the wealthier middle school is that they can afford programs like this one.

And, I have guild Tuesday evening. That should be a blast! I want to get a couple more postcards done, but that might not happen. I was fascinated by all the different art forms these postcards were using.

A dad from one of my sons' soccer teams has offered me his late wife's rocker and ottoman. I have always wanted a rocker, but have always decided it was a luxury I didn't need. I was so thankful that I almost burst into tears. (Thank God I didn't. I am sure it would have embarassed him.) My husband will pick that up at soccer practice this week. This dad is a treasure to his kids and to our team. And he is so kind to me at soccer games. Actually, we have really great parents and kids on our soccer teams. We have been so lucky. No one is overly concerned about winning and losing. They all just want the kids to get exercise and have fun playing the game.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyones' blogs this week. I count you all among my good friends.


Jane Ann said...

Aren't you sweet! And aren't you industrious! I read your post, wondering how on earth you do all the things you have to do and still have energy and time left for things you WANT to do. I've been missing hearing more from you since we finished The Artist's Way study, but after reading all that, I feel whiney for wishing you'd take time to post more often! Have a wonderful week, cutie.

Granny Fran said...

It is permissable for a lady in your condition to burst into tears; especially when getting such a wonderful gift. Sit down, put up those tired feet, and just rock a spell.

Rian said...

You are such a treasure. I love reading your blog, too. I'm so happy that man gave you that rocker.

debraspincic said...

What a great gift of the rocker! I am sure it will comfort you and your kids for a long time. There is nothing like a rock in a rocking chair to soothe any manner of ailments!

It sounds like you have a major quilt-a-thon going on at your house! Good for you.


mommi said...

I envy that fact that you have so many quilts done or in progress. I love to watch what your doing and other peoples blogs like yourselves. Hope everyone can take a look at mine. Come visit at Sit and enjoy....not a lot there, but just starting out.