Saturday, February 11, 2006

Today and Tomorrow

We rented a truck today and moved a bunch of stuff over to the new house. Dave and I didn't discuss everything we moved and we ended up moving some stuff that I planned to get rid of. Oh well, I just recycled it over there instead of over here. It was all my old notes from college and grad school. I kept the notes from the calls in which I met Dave. But other than that, I got rid of everything. So now I have a bunch of empty three ring binders. I will have to fill them with my quilting stuff...

My entire sewing room was moved. Tomorrow I will spend the day unpacking it and sorting it out. And deciding how to light the new room. Dave has promised to help me get better lighting in there.

I will take pictures if I remember to bring the camera.


Rian said...

Take the camera! (I think I am as excited about this new house as you are!)

Jane Ann said...

Oh, Rian, you know the real reason we want the pictures was already confessed months ago: We're NOSY! (So, up with the pictures, girl.)