Thursday, July 28, 2011

Apple Camp

Ed is attending a three day camp at the Apple Store. It is 90 minutes each day, and it is free. Well, we didn't pay anything for the camp, but so far we have bought a new app for the iPad and I am sitting here eying accessories for the iPad, my MacBook, and my iPhone. I think Dave was tempted to bring home a new iPhone 4 yesterday. I am pretty sure the only reason he didn't was because he was trying to decide if the white one was girly. (In case you're wondering, yes it is.)

I think I am going to wander over to the Genius Bar (which is not a bar and is not staffed by geniuses) to inquire about a mouse for my Mac Book. Oh, and which color iPad cover should I get? (I am not going to ask the geniuses that one.)

(and why are other camp children wandering around the store not paying attention?)

And they got me... I got a much needed cover for the iPad and a much wanted wireless mouse for the MacBook. I told the "genius" that they got me in for the free camp, and I made the purchase. He thought that was really funny.

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