Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stuff and Nonsense

I am listening to Earth, Wind & Fire on my iPod. I love my iPod, but I have to be conscious about not using it to block out other people. I am very shy. I tend to need to escape from people, and an iPod is a great way to do that. I started using it at the grocery store for a while because I got tired of defending where I worked when people asked. No one asks you questions in line when you are wearing earbuds.

Yesterday, Alex and I attended the Lego Robotics Super Qualifier in Warner Robins, Georgia. I took my iPod and calculus books, planning to find a corner to hide in to plan next week. I was going to watch Alex's rounds, but I was planning to hide otherwise. Instead, I ended up talking to a couple of other moms. I had a great time. I spent all day talking to two women I had never met before. Both were very interesting people, and they were interested in me, too. I am glad I didn't hide behind my calculus books and iPod.

Alex had a great time at the event. They did not do well enough to move on to the next round. However, this is the furthest any team from his school has gone. And they made vast improvements to their bot during the day. And the boys did ALL of the work without adult intervention. Alex was just excited to be there. And he was a leader to the younger kids. He was impressive, if I do say so myself. I love my kids' schools, and the teacher in charge of this is just one more reason. He was wonderful. I hope he is still there when my little people get to middle school.

Have a great week.


Debra said...

Good for you for interacting with the other ladies! I have a very bad tendency to want to be off by myself too. It's why I do so well on the Internet and so lousy in the neighborhood.

Congrats to Alex too!

Anonymous said...

I never met a stranger, but sometimes people suck the energy out of me and I need to recharge.

The Calico Cat said...

I'm shy too (I have to warm up to people & then watch out! The baby is bringing me out of my shell if for no other reason than people want to see him & say hi to him!)

BTW My husband got me a nano for valentines day. (I guess I asked for an IPOD often enough.)

FWIW - my interest is piqued about people asking where you work... & why you have to defend it... (You are stiil a school teacher, right? not an undercover CIA operative - who "spills the beans in the grocery store" - HA!HA!HA! Yes, I crack my self up!)

There are people who I have known for a while who do not know my job & I don't know their job either...