Thursday, October 20, 2005

Taking a Page From Debra...

I have been reading Debra’s blog for a while now. I generally read it after I have taken the kids to school and am sitting down to do my volunteer work for the day. I enjoy her frank style of writing and find that I am in agreement with a lot of what she says. I have even been bold enough to make a few comments. There are days when I wish I could invite her over for lunch to pick her brain or get her opinion on a project on which I am working. I hope to be like her when I grow up, although I don’t think I would ever want to live in Texas.

One of my favorite aspects of her blog is the to do list. So I have decided to do one of my own. I hope Debra doesn’t mind that I am using her idea…

Before the Holidays…

Quilt Halloween Quilt from Becky’s pattern

Finish commissioned t-shirt quilt

Attempt the American Gothic ARTImage Challenge

Follow first six Artist’s Way lessons

Make turkey wall hangings for Mom and Grandma

Finish reindeer placemats for Cheryl

Clean up and refurbish Grandma’s trunk for Megan

Make snowman placemats for Kathi

Quilt Molly’s quilt

Quilt Dr. Thomas’s quilt

Quick fish quilt for Mrs. Coss

Make a few Chelsea bags for presents

Finish at least half of the wool club blocks

Make fabric postcards

Santa quilt

By Summer Vacation…

Make winter and summer quilted back packs using my own design for the blocks

Make pool bags for sisters

Smock two dresses

Try my hand at more of the ARTImage challenges

Work on fabric postcards

Finish Bag Lady classes from last year

Finish wool club quilt.

Participate in wool club again

Now that I am looking at this list, it seems a little ambitious. However, having it written down is helpful. I definitely want to start moving away from traditional quilting and into more art-quilting mode. I need to finish up a few projects first. I looked at my UFO pile and about lost my lunch. I want to get beyond the UFO pile. I may have to look into paying a professional quilter, which I have never done. However, I know two from the wool club, one of whose styles I like better than the other. I have never sent something out to be quilted, although I know many people who do. I might try that with one of the tops I have done just to see what happens. Hopefully the world won’t collapse and I will still feel like it is my quilt.

So with my mom’s newly tuned Bernina 830 with its new foot pedal, away I go. And maybe on a couple I will use my great grandmother’s Singer 99, my other great grandmother’s New Home treadle, or my grandmother’s Singer Touch and Sew.


Debra Spincic said...

What a chuckle to see your entry right before my eyes! I am happy to help. I find it interesting that you are going to try the American Gothic quilt. You will have to blog with us about it. I am still bouncing around ideas.

Tracey said...

That Debra...she has a way of getting those lists outta us, doesn't she? I got a whole side-bar full of stuff after spending too much time at her blog! Love her! :o)

Looking forward to studying "The Artist's Way" with you. Happy quilting! :o)

Debra Spincic said...


sophie said...

Jules, brava on the blog and the list . . . and welcome to the group.

My lists often show up in my morning pages. It helps me prioritize, or change what I thought the priorities were or see when I've really become over-the-top too ambitious.

Jules said...

Thanks for all the comments. It is nice to know I am not writing to outer space!

Gemia said...

My UFO list is pretty bad too. I feel your pain!

Looking forward to doing the Artist's Way with you!

Cheers, Gemia